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People who wear Nike Air Max shoes don't like sports


I have a small discovery in life, maybe not very right: people who wear Nike Air Max shoes don't like sports.
Although the air cushions used on Nike Air Max shoes are designed for running, many people simply wear them as lifestyle shoes.

A few days ago, Nike released the new Air Max 270 let me feel Nike's self-discrimination. Originally, Nike released new Air Max shoes is not very surprising, but this is a pair of shoes make for lifestyle obviously.
What's more eye-catching is that Air Max 270 has a cushion with 3.2 cm thickness, which is the largest in the entire max series. can be said its mail high-heeled shoes, and more comfortable than the female high-heeled shoes.

Dylan Raasch, senior creative director of Air Max, introduced that they spent two years on design to determine current size of the air cushion. Because in the past, Nike focused more on the experience of running, its much thicker than it is now originally.
However, after did some customer reserarch in London and New York, they discovered that lifestyle is also a very important concept. Therefore, they decided to make a shoe that can bring good experience to both the marathon and life time wear.
More people start buying nike Air Max shoes with visual air cushions, but not for running. Air Max forms a cultural symbol that allows people to show their own circles, such as retro, hip-hop and outdoor.
In addition, Nike Air Max 1 is also one popular shoes. In fact, these two models were born in 1987 and 1990 respectively.

However, when they born, the sale is not good as a variety of reasons. Horace Leung is a senior shoe collector from Hong Kong. His first pair Air Max shoes is max 97 models. He thinks its a good shoes with sense of futurity. The bad sales in the past may be due to Nike's design is too front-end. However. Hirofumi Kojima, a designer from Japan, believes that the shoes made on 1990s are so hot is because young people are looking for retros now.
Of course, there is a possibility that Nike air max shoes was too expensive at the time and we generally cannot afford it.

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